company-services-images  Digital photography
Top-quality digital shooting for whatever commercial, textile and industrial item, with checkout and immediate use of the shot.

company-services-trimming  Virtual trimming
Possibility of drawing virtual photographs of textile items out of mere drawings on paper, perfect photographs and in low runs even before the item is manufactured.

company-services-graphics  Graphics • DTP • Service
Brochures, bills, leaflets, mock-ups, mailing, commercial and paged prints, photo retouching, printing matrixes....Printing of colour posters of photographic quality, Colour photocopies...

company-services-offset  With the digital offset
we can furthermore quickly produce prints of exemplary quality, even with variable data on each sheet, without needing printing matrixes. When, how and only in the desired quantity on glossy, matte, special paper types, self-sticking, transparent polyesters, and card sheets up to 300 gr in basic weight.

company-services-internet  Internet and web pages
INTERNET all that you need to be present on the world wide web in the most functional and profitable way. Strategy study. Web page editing and domiciliation of sites on our in-house server. registration of .it and .com domains.

company-services-movies  Digital films
Prestige and promotional advertising films with completely digital pickup and editing technology. Special effects can be added to our films according to the most recent trends, with three dimensional animations, music and commentaries in many languages.

company-services-labels  Label-making shop
We make labels in rolls and sheets, on self-sticking paper and on sewing fabric through a fully in-house cycle. From the concept to the proof, from the cliché to the print in just a few hours.