On the walls of a cave by today's Spanish town of Altamira, about 20.000 years ago, a primitive hand drew with a rudimental mud, ochre in colour, figures of bisons, men and deer. It is the most ancient pictographic witness that ever reached us, along with the graffiti found in Lescaux, in Southern France, which were marked out with the point of a flint-stone. informations-story
In the Middle Ages, the Amanuensi monks transcribed the most important works by the great Fathers of the Church, along with works from ancient literature and philosophy, embellishing them with ornaments, image after image, page after page, copy after copy, sometimes deciding that each one should be different from the others… Middle-age-informations
In 1455, as a symbol of a new world in continuous progress, the first Bible written "mechanically" with Johannes Gensfleish's (alias Gutenberg) movable types appeared. Everything remained almost unchanged, until Electronics showed up. During the 1970 decade, lead-cast movable types were replaced by photocomposition. And a few years later, the laser scanner replaced the age-old cliché-based method used for image reproduction. communications-story
The search for innovation went on, until, in 1993, in INdigo laboratories, a new digital offset machine - without plates - directly connected to a compyuter, started to print, page after page, copy after copy, sometimes deciding that each one should be different from the other…Enter Print, the first company in the Bergamo area, has offered its customers this digital offset printing revolutionary technology, to provide a versatile, fast service that always meets the customer's requirements. informations-story
Enterprint, in years 2003-2004 has acquired two new digital machines, the Xerox DocuColor the 2045 and subsequently Xerox DocuColor 6060. These machines allows to produce an immense range of papery products with interesting prices.They can be realized prints on a wide variety of paper thanks to the four trays, that they concur automatically to use four types of various supports for an only job. One most powerful rip allows to personalize every copy with data and various images. xerox