Why digital offset printing

The digital offset technique allows for a quick production of printed matter of unexceptionable quality, even with variable data on each sheet, without needing printing matrixes. When, hown and only in the desired quantity on glossy, matte, special papers, self-sticking, transparent polyestersand card sheets up to 300 grams in basic weight. Featuring immediate change of printing equipment, as the printing is by sheets, a possibility that is offered by our digital offset printing equipment, and which is almost impossible with digital printing units working by coils.

Variable intelligence

Being versatile like our minds, being able to do something and simultaneously thinking of or doing another, having the power to stand out among the others or, more simply, to be variable. Here is one of the strongholds of digital offset printing, through which printed items bearing variable data such as names or number codes for mailing, presentations, menus, corporate greetings, etc., can be quickly produced without any need to manufacture printing matrixes. This makes it possible, for instance, using a simple Office file, to have 300 addresses printed on brochures, letters, leaflets, etc. A great advantage. if we consider the costs of 300 different printing matrixes, 300 plates and 300 machine starts, an exorbitant amount of money would be needed , without considering response times.