General Advices

All files must include fonts used. The files in the native language should be accompanied by fonts recorded on digital media. The files must include fonts in Postscript to them. It is essential to define in detail to every job all types of fonts used. Using the PDF format is much simpler because the information of the native postscript document (eg, fonts) are encapsulated within 'internal print file - the reopening of distillate file, Acrobat will reconstruct exactly what you need for correct result of the press. Use of Adobe Acrobat allows you to save on the actual cost of services of desktop publishing and digital printing with the almost total elimination of problems relating to different languages platform (DOS - Macintosh) and omissions of the operators that usually affect the cost.

A low resolution jpg or a draft printed in black and white even in low resolution (or faxed), can help control and avoid misinterpretation.